Organizational Change

In today’s world, the tsunamis of change are rapidly hitting the shoreline.

Marvin has spent a considerable amount of his professional career examining organizations and what it takes to successfully implement necessary change, and why those same change initiatives fail. His research has concluded that the key lies in the relationship between a manager’s understanding of a specific organizational change process and his or her attitude toward implementing the change.

Marvin recommends organizations implementing change initiatives focus on these critical findings:

  • Managers who understand the change effort are more likely to be less resistant to change.
  • The more managers understand the change, the more likely they are to be excited by the change, and the less likely they are to think that the change effort will fail.
  • The less likely they think a change initiative will fail, the more likely they are to positively accept the philosophical demands involved in change and actively participate in implementing the operational aspects.
  • Organizations must be willing to invest in communication and education to increase awareness and understanding, and to decrease apathy and resistance.

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